a mother’s love

all things can be replaced. but not all things will ever be the same again. for example this could be your phone, your friend, or your favourite food. you can replace these things with alternative options but the replaced object/item may feel different to the previous one before. say, you lost a close friend of yours. you will find many other friends in your life, but the new friends will not bring you the same feelings as your old friend. you may struggle to cope with the replaced, but in time you learn to adjust to the change, even though it may hurt inside. but the one thing which i believe can never be replaced is the love and care of a mother. there’s no one or nothing on this planet that coped for 9 months carrying you in their womb quite like your mother did; the woman who went through pain just to help you survive and is the reason behind your existence right now. my mother has always been there for me and my siblings, in our good times and bad, even while she herself was going through problems. she always puts our happiness before hers, even when she feels all the sadness in the world. she cooks and cleans, carries all the basic duties of a mother and wife, and sometimes more, even during the times she has a cold, fever, or just generally isn’t feeling well. my mother is a strong woman, she’s a queen, she’s been through hell and back, and after all that she’s been through she’s still standing strong. i am proud to call her my mother!

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